Aerial yoga is an amazing fusion of traditional yoga with a touch of circus flair. By supporting the weight of the body, the aerial yoga sling provides a unique way to access some of the more challenging yoga postures, making aerial yoga accessible to a wide range of people.

Our Aerial Yoga fundamentals course is certified by ActivIQ, which will enable you to teach anywhere in the world. It is an incredibly versatile tool for teachers. We each have our own unique style, and the aerial yoga sling can easily be an extension of this. We’ll set you and your business up for a flying start!


We love being able to work with people face to face, which is why we created our in person Aerial Yoga training. But we appreciate that travel isn’t always possible. So, in order to continue to make our courses accessible, we have created an online course too, which means you can work through the content completely at your own pace.

Both online and in person we offer:

High quality, accredited courses to set you up for a flying start.
Access to expert advice.
In depth explanation of how to execute and teach and aerial yoga moves safely, as well as offering progressions and regressions for different levels of student.
A detailed training manual with all the moves outlined as well as many variations as we could fit in.
Detailed demonstrations of each move and its variations from experienced aerial yoga practitioners with different backgrounds either live or recorded.
Advice on class management and lesson planning for a variety of learning styles.
Health and Safety guidance.
Help with how to rig and look after your equipment.


We take great pride in the fact that we have created a course that empowers our graduates to teach in a way that suits their personality and their students.

We believe in the power of Aerial Yoga as a fun way to get fit, improve flexibility and strengthen the entire body. We also love the therapeutic benefits of relaxing in the open fabric and hanging out upside down. Aerial Yoga is an incredibly diverse form of yoga, which can cater for everyone from the elderly to athletes and everybody in between.

Together we do the groundwork, we create a solid foundation from which our teachers can build upon. All our graduates have their own unique teaching style and that’s something we love! A true 360 approach to teaching, delivering and enjoying aerial yoga.

We have an incredibly talented, knowledgeable team with a combined 18 years experience within this industry. Our founders bring the perfect combination of circus and yoga, together they offer a training experience like no other, with a hands-on approach to help you and your students find flight.

Online & In Person Courses Endorsed & Accredited

It is important to us that our courses have been independently endorsed and accredited. Our in person courses are currently endorsed by ActivIQ.


"Thank you so much for such a detailed, informative course! I have really enjoyed myself and learnt so much and I am now very much looking forward to getting my Aerial Yoga classes up and running!"

Jaydene PaddockJaydene Lee Arts


"I completely loved training to become an aerial yoga teacher at flying fantastic! Both yasmin & Edel were incredibly knowledgeable and created such a supportive and welcoming environment! I felt ready to teach on completion of the course and now completely love teaching aerial yoga in Leeds! I’d recommend this course to any yoga teachers wanting to take their practice and teaching into the air! "

Jess GibbardLeeds Centre for Aerial Arts