Aerial yoga is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility. You can dial it up to rival any hardcore workwork, and chill it out for sheer bliss fully cocooned for a restorative class. And pretty much everything in between. As such, if you don’t have an aerial yoga studio you can start work in immediately, there are other places you can look.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, there are lots of opportunities out there! We just can iterate enough the importance of only rigging from safe structures.

Aerial Studios

This is an easy win. The rigging is in place but few aerial teachers are qualified in aerial yoga. So you can bring a new class to the timetable, one that is accessible to a variety of populations in a way that aerial isn’t always. Match made in heaven!

Private Sessions

These can be done on a purpose built mobile rig and can be a safe and lucrative way to provide personalised sessions and individual attention!

Yoga Studios

Yoga studios are increasingly adding aerial yoga to their timetable! With the right rigging in place, these are perfect places to elevate the practice of yoga with a little circus flair.


Many gyms already have rigging in place for activities such as TRX and Crossfit. In some cases, these could be used for Aerial Yoga provided they are rated appropriately.

Aerial Yoga could be an exciting new addition for group or private sessions for any such gym.

Rock Climbing Gyms

Given the ceiling height and the kit required to run climbing centres, this could be a great place to get an Aerial Yoga class going! Given the intensity of rock climbing, aerial yoga can be the perfect active recovery offering a deep stretch for tired muscles.


Schools, church halls, community centres with riggable ceilings offer a ready made client base dependending on what style of aerial yoga you want to teach. Aerial yoga is increasingly being offered as an extracurricular/after school activity so any of these venues are always worth investigating.

Aerialyoga360 support

As an aerialyoga360 graduate, we can provide ongoing support with getting your classes set up. We are proud of our Aerialyoga360 community. We are dedicated to helping you continue your professional development, connecting you with like minded aerial yoga graduates to share the ups and the upside downs!


The amazing benefits of aerial yoga need to be shared far and wide to allow others the opportunity to hang upside down, elongate the spine and release those happy endorphins.